Monday, October 28, 2013

How to Think Correctly

There's been so much written about how to improve people's attention span, and help them think more positively and have a better quality of life. There have been thousands of studies and numerous books written about these subjects. Yet how much has all of this scholarship actually helped people? 

Today we have more people being treated in psychotherapy, more people being treated in psychiatric hospitals, and more children taking stimulant medications for "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder" than ever before.
In recent years, many mental health professionals and researchers have been looking to spirituality and religion to compensate for what is missing in their secular scientific theories and interventions. This is a laudable change when you consider how many of the people they are trying to help have spiritual and religious aspects to their lives that have been ignored.
The general thrust of this new wave in psychology has been to help people find their personal and spiritual strengths in order to build on them rather than focusing on their deficits and trying to "fix" what is "wrong" with people. From an emuna coaching perspective this is certainly a move in the right direction, and yet our approach to emotional and spiritual well-being is still very different than any of these "new" therapies.
Here's an example of what is different about emuna coaching as compared to other therapeutic approaches even those than mention spirituality. As you will see, although there is some overlap between their methods and ours, our system is based on foundational concepts that the field of psychology does not yet know about or utilize in their  therapies. These "concepts" are actually the spiritual truths upon which the world operates. 

The following is a paradigm for how to think about yourself, others and the world from an emuna coaching perspective. This method is not just for someone who is experiencing a challenge or difficulty in his or her life, it is also for people who just want to use more of their potential to experience the beauty of life through a connection to G-d and the Truth.  
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Blessings for a great day!
Dr. Zev Ballen