Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spiritual Mindfulness

Here's a neat form of spiritual mindfulness meditation that you can do either prior to or as part of your personal prayer sessions. Only before starting the meditation take some time to really think about these foundation principles - since the meditation is based on these principles the more you can internalize them the better your results are likely to be.

Foundation Principles for Spiritual Mindfulness

1. All of your positive, constructive thoughts come from G-d.

2. G-d sends us a constant flow of positive potentially useful thoughts, memories, images, and sensory perceptions as part of His Divinely determined providence.

3. The healthiest place to be is in the present, in the NOW.

4. Good questions are better than mediocre answers. The essence of spiritual meditation is for us to humbly ask questions and wait patiently for G-d to provide the "answers." G-d is not likely to speak to you but he does frequently communicate to us though the thoughts that He sends us. Since all of our good, constructive thoughts come from Him we can ask questions and then patiently wait to receive the next thoughts that G-d sends us. If the "answer" is truly from G-d, we'll experience a sense of wholeness, oneness and joy upon receiving G-d's response. When the answers to our questions are from G-d we experience a reduction of anxiety, tension and depressive feelings. Almost the moment that one asks a good question to G-d there is a sense of relief that is followed by positive emotional states of calmness, serenity, increased sense of purpose and energy to either spring into action or to ask G-d more questions.  

Spiritual Mindfulness Meditation (sample questions)

1. G-d, what subject, topic, personality characteristic, or happening should I be speaking about with you right now?

2. G-d, it there something that I have been missing in my prayers to you lately?

3. G-d, have I forgotten to thank You for something or not expressed my gratitude to You for something?

4. G-d, is it true that you want me to ask you questions like this?

5. G-d, I am wondering why you caused "X" to happen to me?

6. G-d, will you please help me to realize my strengths?

7. G-d, will you please open my eyes to see the direction that You want me to take with regard to "X."

8. G-d, I know that you want me to find the good in "X" but how can I?

As you become more used to asking G-d questions, He will send you the very questions to ask Him. Once you have attuned yourself to this type of meditation, you will experience yourself to be in  a "receiving mind-state." Questions and answers about all kinds of things will be flowing through your mind and your predominant mood will be ecstatic. 

Wishing you huge success!
Dr. Zev Ballen

Dr. Zev Ballen