Monday, November 25, 2013

Awakening Your Passion

We all dream that somehow we can access the special gifts that G-d has given us and that somehow we can make an impact on the lives of others in a special way. Everyone has deep down in his soul the wish to be a "partner" with the Creator in making our world a better place.We all have had at one time or another a passionate vision for the quality of life that we desire.  Yet, for too many of us, those dreams have become so covered over by the frustrations and routines of daily life that we no longer even make an effort to accomplish them. For far too many of us, the dream has been lost — and with it, so has the will to remember and use the unlimited Power that lies sleeping within us.  

This Wednesday night starts the festival of Chanuka which is our first huge blast of spiritual light for the new year. We see just how real this is in the word Chanuka itself which comes from the word Chinuch, to begin. 

Now is the time for us to choose to accelerate our growth in massive ways. Every night of Chanuka we add the light of an additional candle to show how strong our desire is to keep growing and progressing in every area of our lives. If we will resolve to raise our standards now and come closer to the Power that shapes our lives for the best, we can use this special time to create the lasting change in our lives that we all deserve.

With love and blessings for a happy Chanuka,
Dr. Zev

Dr. Zev Ballen