Thursday, November 28, 2013

How to Win

The Syrian-Greeks thought that they could wipe out Judaism by outlawing the study of the Torah. They reasoned that without the Torah we would be lost and they could then influence us to become Greeks. In their diabolical plan to destroy us there was just one factor that they failed to consider and that was the great love that G-d has for the Jewish people. G-d sent the chief priest, Matisyaho and his fellow priests to save us. How did they do this? By believing in themselves, their cause and the Power that guided them. 

All of us need to believe in ourselves as well as in G-d. Every word we utter, though that we have, and all of our emotions and behaviors are shaped by what we believe we can accomplish. Matisyaho succeeded only because he believed with every fiber of his being that with G-d's help he could win a war against a well-armed enemy that hugely outnumbered him. We can do the same. May it be so. 

Happy Chanuka!
Dr. Zev Ballen