Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hooked on Lust

Devori, age 17, is severely addicted to internet pornography. Like 34% of kids her age she got hooked the very first time. It happened when she found her mother's Iphone and was instantly hit by a tsunami of overwhelmingly stimulating images and sounds that took over her life.  Her biggest challenge became how to know reality from unreality.
As she sank deeper into darkness and self-hatred Devori was desperate for help but was afraid to tell her parents. She didn't feel safe with either her mother or father. Both her parents yelled at her and called her names for much less than having a pornography addiction. She had no one to confide in.  
Devori lives in a very "religious" place where she probably would be branded as evil the second news hit the street that she had a problem like this. She feared that her parents would also have the same reaction and disown her. It could be she was right. 
Finally unable to contain it anymore, Devori confided in a friend. The friend shocked her by saying that she had the same problem but that someone had helped her. It was a teacher. Devori couldn't believe that she could trust any of the teachers from her school. In Devori's school kids learned the hard way not to reveal anything less than perfectly religious and well adjusted behavior. Everyone was supposed to have 100% emuna 100% of the time. It's not the type of school where kids ask questions that might be bothering them such as why G-d didn't prevent the Holocaust. 
Nevertheless Devori found out that this teacher was an exception. She was from "out of town" and her popularity was growing fast amongst the girls. Devori's friend shared with her that she had spoken to the teacher, Mrs. Rand, many times on the phone and saw her at her house as well. Continue right here...

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