Thursday, December 12, 2013

How to Feel Good Right Now

We actually got a bit of snow today in Jerusalem. The schools are closed and the buses aren't running. Most of us are at home. Wherever you are, though, if you you're in the mood to feel some love and happiness just do this: 

1. Think of a time when you felt very close to G-d or were just very happy. When you're in that positive state ask yourself:

a) What am I picturing? 

b) What am I saying to myself? 

c) What am I feeling in my body? 

d) If you can't think of what you see, say, etc., just act as if you can-ask yourself "If I were picturing something, what would it be?" or "If I were to say something to myself, what would I be saying to myself?" etc. 

e) Notice which of the three representational systems is the most powerful for you: visual (what you picture); auditory (what you say to yourself); or what you feel (your emotions and bodily sensations).

Follow the same procedure as above for the state of love. Remember a time when you felt totally loved or loving. Remember a specific time, and go back to that time, and discover HOW you go into the state of love, and notice the difference in pictures, internal dialogue and physical feelings that you have for the state of love.

The visual, auditory and feeling components of an empowered state constitute the map and compass that will lead you back to feeling that same empowered state again and again. Just play back the sensory components of the experience in your mind. With repetition you'll be able to immediately re-create any mental/emotional state that you want.  

With blessings,
Dr. Zev Ballen

Dr. Zev Ballen