Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Spiritual Coaching: The Four Levels

Emuna coaching is a faith-based method of emotional, physical, and spiritual healing that was developed in Israel by Rabbi Dr. Zev Ballen with the endorsement of his Rabbi and spiritual guide, Rabbi Shalom Arush. Emuna Coaching is a unique and proven path for personal growth that is based on the perfect wisdom of the Torah. You will be led on a wonderful journey of mind, body and spirit that will enable you to achieve:

*A deep recognition of your rare and special qualities
*A greater understanding of your life's destiny and purpose
*A sense of personal wholeness, vitality and aliveness
*The ability to live fully and spontaneously in the moment
*An enhanced capacity to relate to yourself, to others, and to G-d
*An awareness of Divine messages within life events and *Discovering your innate capacity to grow from them
*An appreciation of the need for challenges as avenues for hope, learning and growth
*A life filled with humility, gratitude, optimism and joy
*A deep appreciation for the special qualities of each person

Through experiencing the above, participants in Emuna Coaching are able to:

*Change limiting self-beliefs
*Experience more consistent feelings of self-worth
*Live with greater calmness and faith
*Enjoy giving and receiving love
*Overcome worries and fears
*Feel more empowered emotions
*Eliminate unwanted habits
*Reframe past traumatic events
*Improve health and alleviate physical pain
*Eliminate negative-self talk
*Discover their passion and keep it before them always
*Live a truly empowered life full of vitality

If you are interested in becoming an Emuna Coach we have a comprehensive training program that prepares students with the knowledge and skills to become effective practitioners of Emuna Coaching. There are four training modules of 25 hours each which can be taken separately or together. Upon completion of each training module, students are awarded a certificate suitable for display by Yeshiva Chut Shel Chesed.

The four levels of training are:

1) Emuna Coach Practitioner
2) Emuna Coach Master Practitioner
3) Emuna Coach Trainer and Consultant
4) Emuna Coach Master Trainer

All sessions are available via phone or skype.
For more information, or to schedule an appointment call us at:

From the U.S: 1-718-577-2975
To dial directly to Israel: +972-2-532-3339 X1
Hours you can reach us: 3pm - 11pm Israel Time