Monday, January 13, 2014

Sam and Esty

The new Rabbi was in a panic. He had just moved into the community. It was his first job out of yeshiva. As he whispered into the phone I could hear that he was obviously more than a little miffed that he was facing a scandal like this one in his first month on the job.
There was a young couple in his congregation -  a striking couple - thirty-something with four young kids. Like everyone in that neighborhood, they seemed to be living the "good" life. Sam had a big job in his father's business and played golf on Sundays. Esty was a devoted wife and mother. The Cohen's had "escaped" from the crammed city life they grew up in and "made it" to an upscale religious neighborhood.
When they first saw the neighborhood, they were immediately drawn to the large idyllic-looking estates. Their own spacious new house and large tract of land was surely a dream come true.  Outwardly, Sam and Esty were the "perfect" match right down to their "his" and "her" BMW's that cuddled side by side in their long driveway. Outwardly, Sam and Esty Cohen were living their dream, inwardly they were as lost as two people could be and were losing more of themselves with every passing day. 
It started when Sam met Jay. They hit it off immediately although Jay was far more sophisticated than Sam was. Jay had a reputation amongst the Rabbis in town, they knew he was a danger, but they weren't sure what to do about him. Jay soon became Sam's closest friend. Time and again, Jay proved his loyalty to Sam and always stuck by his side. Sam felt that Jay was always calm and relaxed and seemed to understand him without his having to say a word. On a number of occasions, Jay helped Sam out of tough situations that he got himself into and seemed to be the only one who could distract Sam from his pain. If you were Sam, you would have found it impossible to imagine what a backstabber Jay was and how he planned to wheedle his way into Sam's life and ultimately into his marriage. Jay was starting to show up at Sam's house on a regular basis and Esty was also charmed by Jay's cool and confident facade. The time had finally come for Jay to destroy the Cohen's marriage as he had done to many marriages before. 
It started when Jay introduced Sam and Esty to marijuana and other "soft" drugs. Eventually one day Jay brought over some crack cocaine. Sam and Esty tried smoking some and immediately experienced an intense euphoria and "supreme confidence" that took over their lives. They were instantly addicted and craved more and more cocaine which Jay was glad to provide. Their lives began to deteriorate. They lost weight, couldn't sleep, couldn't care for their kids, couldn't work or do anything! Once Jay had stripped them of all of their inhibitions he moved in for the "kill." Jay seduced Sam and his wife into submitting to the most degrading physical acts with him and with other couples who he trapped in a similar way. Esty was even pregnant at the time. 
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