Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dear G-d...

Dear friends here's a poem that was written by my beloved father-in-law Samuel (Shmuel) Lemkin, of blessed memory. "Dad" wrote many beautiful poems. Sometimes, on Shabbos we're in the habit of taking out Dad's book of poems and letting our spirits fly to reconnect with him - today was such a Shabbos. 

"Dear G-d: In times of sorrow I have found consolation in contemplation of your Presence. In times of happiness and joy the lightness of my heart was more uplifted in the Greatness of your presence. In my prayers for the safety and health of my family I was comforted by the thought that You hear. And in all my thoughts of those I hold dear I am overjoyed that thinking of them brings forth my thoughts of You."

May the soul of Shmuel HaLevy ben Freda Zesil continue rising closer to Hashem. In the merit of his poems to Hashem, may his loving wife Minna Lemkin and daughters Rebecca, Deborah and Sarah Tziva see enormous success and blessings in all of their endeavors

With blessing for a great week!
Dr. Zev Ballen