Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kayla Brown

For as long as Kayla Brown can remember, she was begging her mother to leave her father. Mrs. Brown was afraid that she couldn't support herself and her three daughters, so she stayed with her husband and squirreled away money with which to escape some day. It took twenty years of saving, and she finally had the money - unfortunately, by then the money couldn't buy her time.
Kayla's father found the money; and when he did he his violent temper erupted. Unfortunately, Mrs. Brown's already depleted health took a turn for the worse. The cancer spread quickly through her body, and she ran out of time. From her death bed, she apologized to her daughters for all that they had gone through. Gathering them together, she said: "I need to die to end this abuse. When I'm gone flee from your father. Have nothing to do with him or his family. No one will believe you, so tell no one what happened. Let all that happened die with me." In two weeks time, she was dead and Kayla was all alone with two disabled sisters. 
Mr. Brown was a "good provider." To outsiders, he was successful and charming. At home he was viciously cruel and tyrannical.  He threatened his family to "prove" that they had been abused or that he had been "sleeping around." "You're lying! Where's your proof!" he demanded.  On one occasion, they went to a family therapist, but Kayla's father just overpowered the therapist; he took complete control of the session and the therapist was unable to stop him. Mr. Brown used the session to splatter any hope that his family may have had for a better life. It was to be the last therapy session they would ever have together.
It was hard for Kayla to break off from her father. Her sisters were extremely vulnerable and needy. They continued to live with their father while Kayla was away at college. After graduating, Kayla came back to find that one of her sisters had become involved with a man who was living a double life. Like their father, the man was outwardly charming, but this was just a front for the many black market criminal activities he was involved in. Kayla's sister turned to prostitution because her father wouldn't help her financially.
When Kayla saw the extent of her father's indifference to his own flesh and blood daughter; and when she recalled her loving mother, who was just too worn down to act sooner on behalf of her children - she stood up without fear and confronted her father for the first time in her life. She blasted him with the strength of all of the pain and anger that had accumulated in her; and, for all the years of pain and anguish that the family had suffered at his hand. 
Mr. Brown exploded right back at his daughter. No one had ever dared to question him. Continue here...

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