Monday, May 19, 2014

Purim Gift or Murder?

Rabbi Twinkle is an exceedingly friendly person. He smiles and greets everyone who comes into his synagogue with a handshake and a good word. His friendliness combined with his genius in Talmudic logic and knowledge of the Jewish Codes of Law, have made him a very popular figure in yeshiva circles. Rabbi Twinkle has established his own yeshiva and even prominent Rabbis attend his lectures.
Considering his high level of Torah scholarship and community service, there has been an aspect to Rabbi Twinkle that didn't make sense to me -  at least to my American mentality. The Rabbi doesn't hide the fact that he's a smoker. The Rabbi can routinely be seen, by the youth of his community, puffing away in front of the synagogue while on break from his learning -  a practice that his own teenage son has begun to emulate. 
But the straw the broke the proverbial camel's back...what I personally witnessed the Rabbi do on Purim night, was so horrific that part of me still refuses to believe my own eyes. Continue reading right here...

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Dr. Zev Ballen