Monday, May 26, 2014

Racing the Old Man

Nathan's father and grandfathers had learned full time in yeshiva.  In Nathan's family, it was expected that he too would learn in yeshiva.
The problem was, that unlike his father and grandfathers, Nathan found it very difficult to sit and concentrate for all those hours. After a while, he would stop enjoying the learning and start to feel sad.
About 3 weeks before the holiday of Succos, Nathan's friend Noah said to him: "Hey you see that abandoned parking lot? It doesn't really belong to anybody. I've got a good connection to buy lulavim and esrogim (two of the 4 species used on the holiday of Succos). Why don't we buy them cheap and sell them right here in this lot?"
"Sell them here? But there's no electricity," said Nathan.
"No electricity!" C'mon man, we'll ask the old lady next door if we can run a wire through her window and we'll have electricity!"
So they went and bought a big load ofluvavim and esrogim. They sold that load and went and got another load and another load. Three weeks later, Nathan's share of the profit was more money than he had ever made - and he had made it in three weeks!
Nathan invested his money in stocks and did very well. Within a year he had made $100,000. 
Somebody noticed that Nathan had a talent for seeing patterns in the way stocks worked. He introduced Nathan to his boss and before long Nathan was making money working for an investment firm. Within a year Nathan made a million dollars.
Nathan had a gift. 
The evil inclination saw an opening and attacked Nathan's ego.
Nathan started living the "good life" but it was no longer the "good Jewish way of life."  He moved into a very fancy house - bought expensive cars and started partying every night. Nathan wasted money on more cars, suits and vacations than he would ever need. Worst of all, Nathan fell into lust and found himself acting with disloyalty to the person who had loved him and stood beside him more than anyone   - his wife. 
Hashem put the finishing touch on Nathan with the coming of the economic crash, and he lost everything that he had. Almost overnight, Nathan had no money. His cars were repossessed. His "friends," who had just used him when times were good, were gone -  and Nathan's wife too, knew that he had strayed and wanted a divorce. 
Nathan dragged himself to the bank. Based on his income for the past year, the bank gave him a loan for  $150,000 -  but this only made Nathan feel worse. Not only didn't he have any assets, but now he was a debtor. 
Nathan didn't want to live anymore. He was up the whole night thinking.
As the sun rose, Nathan headed down to the shore. He looked out at the water and thought about tying a rock to his leg and jumping in. 
Suddenly, Nathan heard a voice coming from behind him: click here to continue...

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Dr. Zev Ballen