Thursday, July 17, 2014


There is an amazing woman who calls herself "Izzy." (see the full article here). Izzy came to to me with the most severe childhood traumas that I have ever encountered as a psychotherapist for the past 33 years. One of the most eye-opening things that Izzy revealed to me was that of the many types of treatments that she tried in her attempt to deal with her traumatic past was something called EMDR (short for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). Izzy told me that EMDR actually did help her to not be as triggered by traumatic memories; and yet she said that this hadn't done her any good.

Why not? 

A very condensed version of the answer that Izzy gave was that it didn't do her any good to be "less triggered," without having been given the tools to live more happily with faith and hope. She said that what she needed was a reason and purpose to keep living which she only found in the faith-based teachings of our holy Torah. Izzy is making aliyah next month to convert to Judaism and live here in Israel.

Wishing you the greatest blessings in your life!
Dr. Zev Ballen