Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Today's Live Broadcast: Perfect Counsel

The only advice that is infallible and will endure cannot be drawn from anything in this world. With regard to all kinds of practical guidance we must reach beyond this created world to the most profound Source and look to the ultimate purpose of things. Only then will we know with wholeness and certainty what to do in every situation. 

G-d Willing we'll be broadcasting today's lesson live from the Chut Shel Chesed Yeshiva in Jerusalem at 5:00 PM Israel time. The broadcast, as well as my lessons posted are Mac and iPod compatible.

G-d willing, we'll post a link to the broadcast for all those who couldn't see it live by 12:01 AM  Sunday (Israel time). If you can't see the broadcast, you might need to download a new version of Flash Media player, which you can do here. If you have any questions or comments regarding today's lesson, please write to me at: 

Wishing you and yours every blessing and success,
Dr. Zev Ballen