Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Forgive Yourself!

You can achieve awesome spiritual corrections while kindling the Chanuka lights but to merit this you must have in mind that Hashem forgave you already on Yom Kipper. NOWHERE is G-d's love for Israel more clearly revealed than by his willingness to continually forgive our sins - so REMEMBER to forgive yourself too, before kindling the lights.

The theme of Chanuka is the consecration of the Holy Temple (chanukas beis Hamikdash), and on Chanuka you are drawing the sanctity of the Holy Temple upon yourself and your family - but you can only do this if you first FORGIVE yourself for your sins like Hashem already did!

Blessings for a Joyous Chanuka!
Dr. Zev Ballen

Dr. Zev Ballen