Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Emotional and Spiritual Balance

There is a “new” 20 second test that is being used to assess a person’s brain health. 

Believe it or not it’s simply the ability to balance on one leg for 20 seconds.

In a recent study, brain imaging from an MRI scan revealed that people who had trouble balancing on one leg for longer than 20 seconds were more likely to have micro-bleeds in their brain or areas of damage in their brain that put them at an increased risk for cognitive decline including problems with memory, language, attention and thinking.
The balancing test also predicted people’s thinking skills: the longer they could balance on one leg the better their cognitive function (thinking ability). The longest that anyone in the study was able to stand on one leg was for 60 seconds. 
So what caught my attention about his? Okay. I’ll admit it.  For the last six months, in the privacy of my home and office I’ve been standing on one leg like a flamingo. 
It all started back in June when I was on a speaking tour with Rabbi Lazer Brody. Being that we were roommates, I couldn’t help notice that when the Rav gets out of bed in the morning he spends a little time standing on one leg.  My psychotherapist curiosity got the best of me so I asked him what he was doing. He said that he was working on his balance. He said that postural balance is not only essential for goodhealth, but that it could elevate a person spiritually as well.  
You might say I was intrigued about how standing like a flamingo could help me serve G-d and earn my heavenly reward. If this hadn’t come from a respected Rav who, by the way, is also a certified fitness trainer (a little known secret), I don’t think I would have given it another thought.  Yet day after day I woke up to Rabbi Brody standing on one leg.
“Is there a name for what you’re doing?” I asked him.
“Sure,” he said. “It’s called the Heron.” He told me...continue here... 

Have a wonderful day!
Dr. Zev Ballen

Dr. Zev Ballen