Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Physics of Happiness

So many people today are living lives that are devoid of inspiration and passion. How many people do you know who are really excited to get out of bed and live another day? How many people cringe when the alarm goes off, and they hit the snooze button, desperate for a few more minutes of unconsciousness? But when people aren't passionate about being alive, when they aren't excited to greet another day, in many ways, they aren't really “alive” at all. So how can we get that inspired life, where every day we are getting closer to achieving the goals that are important to us? Even more fundamentally, how do we even know what's really important to us?

If you could be living the exact life that you want right now what would it look like? Could you describe it?

The first thing we need to be living with passion is to have a vision of the “good life” that we want and then a method for making that vision real. Personally I have done that by following the guidance of the best spiritual guide I know, Rabbi Shalom Arush, whose teachings are the foundation of what I call Emuna Coaching.

Rabbi Arush teaches us that we are all being controlled by our beliefs. Whatever it is we believe about the world, about ourselves and about others will determine how we are going to feel, think, react and behave. If we believe that people are essentially good, friendly, warm and accepting then we’re going to have a positive mindset and by anticipating friendliness and acceptance by others G-d will help us to make that a reality. If, on the other hand, we believe the world is a war zone, then our blueprint is going to get us involved in a fight with somebody every single minute of the day. Even if we're not fighting with someone at the moment we're convinced that sooner or later, the fight will be coming our way.

If we believe that G-d is punishing us, that's one way of thinking. If, instead, we believe that G-d is not punishing us, but is rather challenging us, then that changes everything. Simply changing that one word has enormous consequences for how we perceive the world, and what our mental state will be as a result.

Our perceptions and models and beliefs affect our decisions, because they limit us. If I don't believe I'm ever really going to amount to much, then I’m going to push away many of my own creative ideas and goals and never bother to think about them. If I have a talent for cooking I may never become the world-class kosher gourmet that I’m meant to be. If my deepest passion is to start a local soup kitchen to feed the destitute people in my neighborhood, I’ll never get around to it. If G-d sends me my soul mate and I don’t really believe that I can have a loving, caring, blissful relationship with her, then it will never happen!

But if we really believe that anything is possible, and that our “blueprint” of the world is that G-d can do anything, and that He wants to empower us, and to help us to achieve our goals, then that blueprint, that way of looking at things is going to enable us to get started and to get to a much level higher than we're currently at.

It doesn't matter what the goal is, whether it's spiritual or physical, whether it's an aspiration to lose weight, make more money, or to sit in yeshiva and learn - whatever it is, there is a way to break out from the constricting and limiting beliefs that are currently controlling us. We going to throw our limiting beliefs into the dumpster and start making decisions that are based on beliefs that are closer to G-d's truth, the Torah's truth, and the teaching of our leaders about what we are really capable of achieving. Continue here...

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Have a day full of blessings,
Dr. Zev Ballen