Thursday, April 30, 2015

Please Join Us and Pray!

Shalom Rabbi Ballen,

I met you with my mother last year in NY with Rabbi Brody and I have been following your video blogs and articles since.  At the time, I had asked for a bracha because my mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  I have been playing your breathing meditation videos for her recently as it has been helping with her anxiety regarding her surgery.

My mother is scheduled tomorrow  for surgery to remove the brain tumor which is in a very sensitive and dangerous area.

I ask that you please pray for her complete refuah and forward her name to any Tehillim lists, students, and colleagues that are appropriate, especially Rav Arush.

Her name is חיה יפה בת אגדס שרה Chaya Yafa bat Aghdas Sara.

Thank you,
Dear Yehoshua, 

I posted your request to my blog and also to FB. Now, B"H there will be thousands of people praying for your mother. Rabbi Arush, our yeshiva and all of Israel stand with her now. May she have a complete and speedy recovery, Amen. Please keep me updated. Thank you.

Zev Ballen