Thursday, November 24, 2016

Breslev Israel Welcomes Rebbetzin Yehudit Channen

I am very proud to announce that Rebbetzin Yehudit Channen of Ramat Beit Shemesh has joined the Breslev Israel Emuna Coaching staff. 

Rebbetzin Channen is married to HaRav Doniel Channen, the internationally known Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Keter HaTorah in Ramat Beit Shemesh.

Rebbetzin Channen brings to Breslev Israel her many years of experience in the mental health field. The Rebbetzin's rock-solid emuna together with her intelligent practical approach to working with people, have made her a highly successful coach here in Israel - now she will be available to people abroad as well. 

In addition to being a gifted healer and emuna coach, the Rebbetzin is known for her beautiful writing. You will certainly enjoy reading her articles which will be featured on the website in the very near future.

Rebbetzin Channen has my highest recommendation. She is Hashem's answer to my prayers. She is someone whose strength and wisdom and faith I can have confidence in. She is someone with the rare gift of being able to deeply help people in the most personal ways with Torah and emuna. She also has the blessing and endorsement of our Rabbi and teacher, Rabbi Shalom Arush. 

Anyone who is interested in a private meeting with the Rebbetzin can arrange to speak with her by calling our confidential line: 718-577-2975 ext. 1(outside Israel) or 02-532-3339 ext. 1 (in Israel). Or email us at: 

Monday, November 21, 2016

What isYour Self Worth?

When a baby feels hungry, he thinks about food and the hunger goes away. If he’s cold he wishes for warmth and problem solved. If it’s a bit too noisy in the room, he lets out a cry and that’s that – instant silence…

It’s what psychologists call primary process thinking or magical thinking. The child “omnipotently” wishes for something and thinks that he causes the result. Mommy didn’t do it; he did it through his “all-powerful” thinking. To the infant, mommy hardly exists at all as a separate person – she is still undifferentiated since “mommy and I are one”. 

How do we know that the baby thinks this way? Did a baby ever tell a researcher about his fantasies of grandiosity? The question always bothered me. But these days, I have more than science to answer my questions. Keep reading and the next time that you look at your baby not only will you understand “how he thinks” but you’ll understand the fundamental problem of our lives.

The main thing that we all suffer from is nagging doubts about our self-worth: “Do people like me?” “Am I competent at what I do?” “What have I accomplished with my life?” From doubts about our parenting abilities, to doubts about how to use our time best, to doubts about our faith, to doubts about our doubts!! We humans are so obviously using so much of our time trying to prove ourselves to ourselves and to others in some way.

The first question is why do we do this?  Why do we need to assert our self-worth and prove our self-worth? Don’t we know that we have intrinsic worth by virtue of the fact that G-d created us and we exist?

The second question is related to the first. Since almost everyone is trying to prove their worth, in some way, the question is how are they attempting to do this? How are people attempting to master their feelings of existential inadequacy?

According to Rabbi Shalom Arush, the prevalent problem of our culture is narcissism and arrogance. We, especially, are a generation which prides itself on “The power is in my hands…”; “I am the master of my fate”; “I am the captain of my ship”; and “the power of positive thinking” (mine, of course) – these and similar expressions show how we moderns think. We like to take credit for any good fortune that comes our way. I’m not sure if it’s still in print, but there actually was a magazine that “modestly” captured the theme of our generation, it was called “SELF” magazine – it’s all about “ME”! Which are what interests people most – THEMSELVES.

It shouldn’t surprise us to know that there is also a psychotherapy by the same name. It’s called “self-psychology”.  It’s not hard to see what Rabbi Arush is talking about when he says that our lives are really battle against our outdated arrogant, magical, omnipotent fantasies that we are G-d. This then answers question number two: we try to prove our worth through arrogance, narcissism and the massive denial that we are creations and not the Creator.

But don’t we have to build ourselves and give our children a strong sense of self as a foundation for a healthy life? Is the world really ready for “self-less psychology”? Continue here...

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Real Secret to Trump's Success

Historians will record the reasons for the "Trump phenomena" as a readiness for change amongst Americans due to political, economic, social, and military concerns - but none of these are the primary cause for Trump's victory...

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump's Victory and the Divine Agenda

It certainly wasn't Mr. Trump's sterling character traits that got him elected. It also wasn't his policies or message that got him elected. So what catapulted such a controversial, despised and inexperienced person to win the most powerful position of leadership in the world? - As you will hear in this informative lecture, Mr. Trump's presidency is actually necessary in order to further the Divine Plan or Divine Aggenda.  The obvious question is how? This lecture is a must for any thinking person...

With Blessings,
Dr. Zev

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

2016: The No Choice Choice

The Jewish ideal of a good president is a person, who not only has the right kind of knowledge and skill to run the country, but is also a person whose ethics and morality is beyond reproach. So what is a thinking Jew supposed to do if there are only two choices – voting for an arrogant, nasty megalomaniac or a pathological liar who’s been involved in all kinds of scandals and cover-ups?

Some people say: “Well why should I vote at all!? There’s really no one to vote for! They’re both terrible!”  But as anyone who reads this website knows – this is the wrong question to ask. And why is that? Because since we know that everything is coming from G-d, the question that we should all be asking is: “Who does G-d want for president?”

G-d certainly has a plan for us despite how ridiculous the candidates are –  so If Donald and Hillary are the only two choices, it must mean that G-d can use either one of them to fulfill  a necessary role in moving the world in the direction that He wants it to go. And who knows, perhaps G-d prefers one candidate over the other and that one can get in based upon the behavior of the Jewish people.

So what direction does G-d want for the world? We don’t have prophets today to tell us what G-d wants, but we can make “educated guesses” based on what prophets of old have said and how our Rabbis interpret those prophesies. Everybody knows that the world, as we know it, will exist for 6000 years and then come to an end. After that, many marvelous things are predicted to happen. We also know, from our prophets and Rabbis, that there are very specific events that must take place before the 6000 years come to an end - for example that a Messiah (Moshiach ben Yosef) will come; and that there will be a war between Israel and certain nations (which Israel will win through great miracles); that the Messiah will rebuild the holy temple; and that a second Messiah will then appear (Moshiach ben Dovid) who after 2000 years of exile, with miracles the world has never seen,  will elevate the status of Israel and the Jewish people in the eyes of the world in order to fulfill G-d’s Plan for us to serve as the spiritual leaders and teachers for the other nations.  These are not just goals for the future, these are events that we know must happen and that G-d is going to make happen one way or another.

The question is really how each candidate might further this messianic process that we are already living through. When we look at the election from the perspective of what G-d wants and not just through the way we naturally think, we don’t have to worry so much about Donald’s incredible narcissism and Hillary’s difficult relationship with the truth. I will examine these qualities and others in the candidates but only to see how they might fit into G-d’s ultimate plan for Israel and the world. Certainly their personalities will effect things in different ways.

There is one more thing that we need to be familiar with before we can fully appreciate how each candidate could possibly fit into G-d’s plan and that is something called the “creation calendar.” Imagine a calendar that has six days and one Shabbos.  Each of the six days is 1000 years and when Shabbos comes that is the end of days as we know it. How close are we to the end? We are much closer than people think. Presently we are past mid-day on Friday afternoon. That means all of the above must happen before Shabbos comes plus another 210 years for the resurrection of the dead. The resurrection of the dead will take 210 years because not everyone will get up at the same time. It will depend on how materialistic the person was. The more the person was attached to materialism in this world the longer it will take for him to “get up.” Just imagine how much has to happen in the world even before the resurrection of the dead.

Now having said all of this let’s get back to the election and consider three things: 1. What is the current situation that the next president of the United States is about to face, and 2. What are the psychological profiles of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton,  and 3. How do their respective personality styles, personal histories and current day values fit with G-d’s plan for the world.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Draining the Swamp and Bringing the Redemption

What does the first Torah reading in the book of Genesis have to do with the 2016 presidential election? This video is a must-see before election day. If you believe in Torah hashkafa, and our holy prophets, you must see this before you vote...