Monday, March 13, 2017

Action Signals for Relief from Troubling Emotions

Beautiful friends - these guidelines are to be used with my last speech on switching out of troubling emotions instantly. By recognizing the "negative" emotion; determining if your perception is correct or not and then using the appropriate action signal you will have, G-d willing, immediate relief. Without the lecture, the list won't make much sense. Anyway, here it is:

Action Triggers for 10 Emotions

Switch out of negative emotions in one second (change state)

1.      Identify State
2.      Appreciate the Message; what’s the message?
3.      Perception change?
4.      Take appropriate action with the new information

Ten Categories of Emotion and what they signal

1.  Discomfort – Signal from Hashem to just change state to any pleasant resource state
2. Fear – Signal from Hashem to get prepared and have Faith
3. Hurt – Signal from Hashem to counteract loss or perceived loss with connectedness
4. Anger – Signal from Hashem that One or more of your “rules” were violated
5. Frustration – Signal from Hashem you need a more flexible approach
6. Dissappointment – Signal from Hashem to Change your expectations / time-frame
7. Guilt / Regret – Signal from Hashem you violated one of your own standards / become a better person
8. Inadequacy – Signal from Hashem to become better at something
9. Overwhelmed/Hopeless/Depressed – Signal from Hashem to write down a necessity list and desire list. Put desires aside and rank order necessities. Then do something right away on the first necessity on your list
10. Loneliness – Get connected / people / good memories / cause / your good points / Hashem / Torah

How to keep the good state

1.      Think less
2.      Emotions bigger than thoughts
3.      Present focus
4.      Remind yourself of the good
5.      Move your body (motion equals emotion)
6.      Don’t delay action
7.      Judge yourself favorably

Why negative emotions are good

1.      Can improve and grow
2.      Come closer to Hashem
3.      There is no standing still
4.      Can use to feel better right away
5.      Can use to learn to communicate better
6.      Commit to progress not perfection